I’m here in Seattle today at NACHA’s Payments 2010 conference along with Russ and Erin.  I’m mulling over a couple things I heard in sessions today, trying to draw the line between them. Early this morning, I sat in on a briefing by eCom Advisors about a study they did in partnership with FIS and […]


Where are you? What did you buy? How much did you pay? Did you get a deal? This might sound like your teenager on their phone, but it’s what a new company called Blippy hopes to answer with a new Web 2.0 service. Here’s the basic premise. What if you could broadcast everything you bought […]


In his email to me earlier today telling me about Wells Fargo’s new presence on Twitter, Social Media Marketing VP Ed Terpening used a phrase that really caught my eye and captured the essence of what Wells Fargo is doing far beyond simple online banking: It’s important that we be where our customers are, and […]


We’ve tabulated the results of last week’s Web 2.0 survey – if you haven’t taken it, don’t worry you still can; we re-opened the survey and the link is here. (We’ll update our results in another week or so, once a sizeable number of new responses are in.) Summary The Glenbrook community embraces Web 2.0. […]

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Erin McCune and I had a lot of fun today teaching our Workshop on Social Media (aka Web 2.0) and Financial Services. As seems to happen more and more these days, an informed and interested group adds their experiences into the mix and the combined information shared and mutual learning that results is much greater […]

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The headline might say Twitter, but for payments professionals the story here is all about Amazon Payments. The original version of Twitpay (the one that went into beta in November 2008) was based on PayPal. Consumers funded their Twitpay account by making a PayPal payment to TwitPay. This approach had all sorts of problems, many […]

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Today, Citi announced a new Visa credit card program called Citi Forward. Interestingly, as part of its launch, Citi is using Twitter as one of its channels. Perhaps the partnership with MySpace for a version of Citi Forward is the reason? Other issuers we’re aware of also using Twitter include Discover and Bank of America […]

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