Subscription Management

Apple created a lot of buzz in the industry last week when it previewed the new capabilities of iPhone OS 3.0. Leading the list of new features, surprisingly, was a payments-related enhancement called “In App Purchase”. I missed the briefing, but saw this new capability reported in the blogosphere as “subscriptions”, “micro-billing”, and a new […]


Google Checkout has just moved a “subscription” capability into beta. This is welcome news to many online sellers, as the ability to charge buyers on a regular basis, without the buyers’ active involvement has been missing from Google Checkout since its inception. The new capability, as described by Google, appears to be somewhat advanced, with […]


If nothing else, the SaaS phenomenon has unleashed a flurry of subscription management companies. Companies like Vindicia, Aria Systems, Zuora, and IP Applications all come to mind. I’m using “subscription management” loosely and should clarify that we’re talking about a superset application category that blends together certain elements of CRM, billing, and payments. I say […]

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