Bilateral Adoption Claims Another Victim Word came earlier this week that Square had sunset its consumer-facing app, Square Wallet.  The app had pioneered one of the great parlor tricks in payments, enabling a merchant using the Square Register POS app to recognize the presence of a Square Wallet consumer in its store and allow that […]


Just before the 4th of July holiday, Felix Salmon, finance blogger at Reuters, wrote an insightful piece, sharply critical of mobile payments and the long anticipated ability of our clever smartphones and wireless communications to improve upon a simple plastic payment card. It’s hard to argue with much of his critique. Salmon’s piece set off […]


How does disruption happen in mature industries? Clayton Christensen famously wrote about this phenomenon in his classic book “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” Most commonly, the new disruptor enters from below – by providing new capabilities to those unserved by the incumbent providers. Rather, incumbents stay focused on their best customers – and dismiss opportunities to serve […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about the opportunities around helping micro merchants accept electronic payments. You know, your basic nanny/gardner/hot dog vendor/flea market vendor scenario. There are two competing emerging-payments approaches to this market. One is mobile card acceptance, as evidenced by Square, Intuit GoPayment, and many others. In this model, which “rides the card […]


Some 17 months ago, I wrote a post here titled “scott@glenbrook.com.


Glenbrook’s Carol Coye Benson, Erin McCune, and Bryan Derman are teaching one of our Payments Boot Camps in New York City near Times Square today. Just out the window we spy this:


What Drives Innovation? More often than not, the successful innovations that surprise us come from disrupters who focus in a laser-like way on unserved market opportunities. In doing so, they are able to successfully fly below the radar of the incumbents (to use Christensen’s familiar terminology). The incumbents, after all, have a laser-like focus on […]


I’m here in Seattle today at NACHA’s Payments 2010 conference along with Russ and Erin.  I’m mulling over a couple things I heard in sessions today, trying to draw the line between them. Early this morning, I sat in on a briefing by eCom Advisors about a study they did in partnership with FIS and […]


So you really want to be a merchant – and accept card payments simply and easily? Jack Dorsey wants to be your friend. Hope you’ve got an iPhone! Earlier today, Dorsey and friends announced the launch of Square. Dorsey, co-founder and chairman of Twitter, is certainly a celebrity founder and CEO. TechCrunch notes that apparently […]


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