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Every year I try to attend what I think of as the PayPal Developers Conference. This year what used to be the PayPal X Innovate Conference was expanded to include eBay app development, Magento app development, and –– most importantly –– X.commerce app development. X.commerce is eBay’s new end-to-end, multi-channel commerce technology platform. While most […]


The following is an excerpt from Glenbrook’s South Korea eCommerce Market Analysis report, published in December 2010, and is representative of how relevant domestic payments methods are positioned and explained for eCommerce merchant’s considering doing business in a given country. From Boleto Bancário in Brazil to the ITZ Cash Card in India, this how mobile […]

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Poor friction. Everybody hates it. Nobody loves it. For brick and mortar merchants, friction backs up their checkout line. For online sellers, friction leads to shopping cart abandonment – and lost sales. And as payment professionals, we know that lots of money has been spent on things like contactless in an attempt to take friction […]

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Point of sale (POS) steering isn’t really part of the payments industry dialogue right now as various stakeholders praise, argue, and criticize the proposed Federal Reserve rules on debit card interchange and network routing. But, I think it could be a big part of how things could unfold in the near future. Let’s start with […]


Glenbrook’s Russ Jones is attending the PayPal X Platform developers conference in San Francisco. His post from Day 1 is here. The second day of payments conferences usually give me a chance to step back, reflect on what was announced on the first day, and catch up with some people to better understand how things […]

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Glenbrook’s Russ Jones is attending the PayPal X Platform developers conference in San Francisco. His post from Day 2 is here. The PayPal news feed was running full blast today given all the various products, initiatives, and alliances that were announced on the first day of the PayPal Developer Conference. This was PayPal’s second developer […]

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“Pay with a Tweet – A social payment system.” These aren’t my words. Instead, it is the name of a new payment concept developed by an interactive advertising agency called Innovative Thunder. Given the work we’ve been doing on social payments here at Glenbrook, we had to investigate this one. Here’s how it works. A […]


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about social payments, and have reached two conclusions. The first is that a payment facilitated by a social network is not a social payment—it’s just a normal customer-not-present payment. The second is that social payments are, by definition, social in nature and involve multiple parties. Hear me out on […]


Are you planning to attend NACHA Payments 2010 in Seattle April 25-28? If so, let us know. Glenbrook will be there. Erin McCune and Russ Jones are speaking on the emerging world of social payments and the B2B cash payment challenges. Carol Coye Benson and Jay DeWitt will be meeting with vendors and industry leaders. […]


Where are you? What did you buy? How much did you pay? Did you get a deal? This might sound like your teenager on their phone, but it’s what a new company called Blippy hopes to answer with a new Web 2.0 service. Here’s the basic premise. What if you could broadcast everything you bought […]


It’s the holidays and the online retail sales are… well… who knows? We’re seeing data points all over the map. comScore is reporting better-than-they-expected 4% growth over the the previous year. U.S. online holiday spending has grown 4% to nearly $21 billion during the first 43 days of the November-December shopping season, according to comScore […]


I’m attending the PayPal Developers Conference this week and want to share some initial impressions about the Paypal platform and what it might mean in the world of payments. First off, the combined weight of the new products, partner demonstrations, and new applications is almost overwhelming. There’s a lot here competing for our collective attention. […]

{ 4 comments } fancies itself, with some justification, as a trialblazer in eCommerce. We spoke with Amazon recently to get a better sense of PayPhrase and how it might be used by today’s consumers. Amazon PayPhrase is a new checkout concept that is designed to provide consumers with a convenient way to use the payment and shipping […]

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I attended yesterday’s PayPal Platform Preview in San Jose and wanted to share some thoughts on the platform, Adaptive Payments, and the partner applications that were demonstrated. First, a bit of context. PayPal has long offered a suite of callable APIs for payments acceptance. These APIs expose PayPal functionality to merchants that want to accept […]


Internet Retailer recently published the 2009 Edition of its Top 500 Guide, which provides profiles and statistics on “America’s 500 Largest Retail Web Sites”. eCommerce professionals look forward to its publication every June not only to see the relative rankings of the online retailers, and to also pick apart the shifting dynamics of the industry.


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