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Contrary to popular belief, the millennial generation is not lazy, entitled or narcissistic.  They are a robust group of entrepreneurial, socially astute and media savvy consumers.  They make discerning decisions about their money and are thoughtful about the companies they trust. Last week I chaired a conference titled:  Millennials and Money.  We discussed similarities and […]

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Our work in payment data cuts across many areas. Who has what data? How is it best monetized? How can it be put to use for better decision making? How can it be augmented and enhanced. It’s in this last area of “enhancements” that we’ve become fascinated with a new startup company called Plaid. They […]


I am a strong proponent of using Web 2.0 to develop relevant offers. For a bank it can mean finding a relevant context to present offers to customers; moving from intrusive selling to customer goal realization.  Web 2.0 also allows for collective learning and an increased sense of engagement that transforms passive customers to advocates. […]


Editors Note: Glenbrook, along with the rest of the payments industry, has been watching developments in mobile payments closely.  A few weeks ago, our partner Carol Coye Benson profiled Boku and CashEdge products.  Today, she takes a look at Canada’s Zoompass, Zong, Billing Revolution, and Blaze Mobile (below). [UPDATE Aug 6th: Be sure to check […]

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In an article titled Home Economics in today’s Sunday New York Times Magazine Virginia Heffernan examines how has encouraged her to confront her spending patterns, save more, and reduce bank fees.

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