Online Banking

Walmart’s announcement that it would offer store-to-store money transfers has a number of interesting aspects worth pondering.  At a high level, this seems like a no brainer. People need to send money to other people and lots of folks find themselves in Walmart’s stores throughout the week. Indeed, if it wanted, the world’s largest retailer […]


I’m here in Seattle today at NACHA’s Payments 2010 conference along with Russ and Erin.  I’m mulling over a couple things I heard in sessions today, trying to draw the line between them. Early this morning, I sat in on a briefing by eCom Advisors about a study they did in partnership with FIS and […]


Yesterday Wells Fargo announced a new online invoicing solution for its small business customers that positions the bank to compete against entry level accounting packages. I’ve tried it out and I am impressed: it’s quick, easy, and intuitive. This afternoon I spoke with Richard Weeks, Sr Vice President at Wells Fargo’s Internet Service Group, to […]


Web 2.0 means a lot of things to people. It’s the rating of things by a community, it’s chat, and it’s collective learning. For a bank it can mean finding a relevant context to present offers to customers; moving from intrusive selling to customer goal realization. Web 2.0 also allows for collective learning and an […]


At Jim Bruene suggests that he’d pay $15 a month for a premium online banking service that included the following features: High-end website and iPhone app Long-term (7+ years) online storage of images, transactions, statements On-demand credit score like Credit Karma Credit bureau alerts when negative items hit Account aggregation with weekly summaries like […]


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