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Our clients are starting to ask us who we think is going to win the mobile wallet war in 2014. Questions like: What’s happening with the Isis rollout? What’s the next likely step in the evolution of the Google Wallet? Is PayPal’s In-Store initiative getting any consumer adoption? All of these questions are predicated on […]


Just before the 4th of July holiday, Felix Salmon, finance blogger at Reuters, wrote an insightful piece, sharply critical of mobile payments and the long anticipated ability of our clever smartphones and wireless communications to improve upon a simple plastic payment card. It’s hard to argue with much of his critique. Salmon’s piece set off […]


I’m just back from a trip to Brazil and while I was there, the government introduced long-awaited legislation on mobile payments.  This is an important task as Brazil now has 265 million mobile subscribers  – more than 1 per inhabitant. Needless to say, the machinations of politics kicked off immediately and there will undoubtedly be […]


Here are some thoughts on big actions that industry incumbents could take to strengthen their positions and the U.S. payments industry. What do these ideas have in common? First of all, they are infrastructural or market-wide. Secondly, they all ask one or more incumbent constituencies to bite the bullet – and accept some reduction of […]


This morning, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple introduced a slew of new Mac hardware, new Mac Mountain Lion software and, perhaps most importantly for us in the world of mobile and mobile payments, iOS6 – the next generation of mobile software for Apple’s iPhone and iPad families. Oh, by the way, […]


Over three years ago I wrote a cheeky headline about “PayPal World Domination” (covering the 2009 eBay Analyst day) and that post has remained one of the top 10 Payments Views pages ever since – evidence of the enduring curiosity, anxiety, respect, and skepticism that PayPal evokes in payment professionals, whether they are incumbents or […]


I was in Washington this week for client meetings and to attend an FTC conference on mobile payments. At the conference, in addition to many regulatory lawyers and consumer protection advocates, there were the usual mobile payments suspects: Visa, MasterCard, Google, Isis, Intuit, etc., as well as a host of startups: LevelUp, Dwolla, Boku, and […]

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I attended the Mobile Contactless Payment Innovation Summit in San Francisco last week. The audience included representatives from payments companies, enablers, solution providers and merchants all engaged in mobile payments. Given the constant rate of innovation in mobile payments and recent network incentives for EMV in the US, there was a great deal to talk […]

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As anticipated, and widely leaked, PayPal today announced PayPal Here, its mobile payments acceptance solution, at a private event in San Francisco. At a high-level it matches – and in some cases, exceeds – the features offered by Square and the other mobile POS vendors. In context, this has been a big week for PayPal, […]


We recently sat down (virtually) with BOKU to learn more about how the company views the mobile payments market and where BOKU Accounts fits in the emerging mobile POS landscape. What follows is a summary of what we learned and our reaction to the their strategy and approach. One of the reasons that the mobile […]


On January 26, FIS announced a new mobile payments solution using technology provided by Paydiant. In its announcement, FIS said: This cloud-based payment solution is adaptable and secure, requiring only downloadable applications for both consumers and retailers. Importantly, the mobile payments solution can be built into retailers’ and financial institutions’ existing mobile applications, preserving brand […]


Who knows what in payments? Sounds like a question begging for a snappy one-liner comeback. But this is a question we hear more and more from our clients. Particularly those that see the increasingly close relationship between payments and marketing — and want to better understand how the targeting of ads and offers can be […]


I realized today that mobile payments have “jumped the shark” as an emerging payments topic, and are now helplessly mainstream in the public’s mind. With USA Today and the Wall Street Journal on top of the story week to week, I find myself cringing at the confusion in the popular press. What put me over […]


As we’re winding down for the year, we wish you the best for you and your family this holiday season! At Glenbrook, we thrive on thinking about how payments are evolving and how these changes will affect us in the years ahead.  In this look back at the important payments themes of 2011, we share […]

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Thanks to the hard work of many (Google, Citi, Sprint, MasterCard, etc.), NFC-based mobile payments are finally a reality in the United States ––and I’m super excited about… mobile self-checkout. I don’t have anything against NFC mobile payments, but the payments industry is already almost a decade into this “next big thing” and is still, […]


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