I’ve been thinking a lot about how payments and payment-related technologies fit into the emerging world of multi-channel commerce or omni-commerce as some people call it. When a lot of companies describe their omni-commerce strategy, they are usually talking about recognizing customers across channels and being able support a sales cycle that starts in one […]


When I was a baby consultant some twenty years ago, I remember standing in Kepler’s Bookstore in Menlo Park (remember book stores?) thumbing through a paperback book called “The Rules of Marketing”. Rule #7 that said all successful markets will subdivide into submarkets as they grow over time. One of the examples cited was how […]


In a most interesting blog post by Foursquare today, the company’s biz dev team talks about how the location-based app plans to evolve its platform by integrating with “thousands of merchants”. As MG Siegler writing on TechCrunch noted, down near the end of the blog post under Redemptions is further discussion about how this mobile […]

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