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A Report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s 2008 Payments Conference by Linda Elliott I’ve just returned from the Chicago Federal Reserve Banks’ 2008 Payments Conference where this year’s topic was Payments Fraud: Perception versus Reality. The conference had good presentations on fraud perspectives in payments ranging from check processing to PayPal, mobile commerce, […]


by Linda Elliott Linda provides another update from this week’s Digital ID World. Phil Becker asked the question at a Digital ID World breakout session: “What will make Amazon or eBay start really using the identity infrastructure?” Those who watch the web, authentication initiatives following on the FFIEC push for strong authentication dating back two […]

by Linda Elliott The exhibition floor at a conference can tell you a lot about the state of development of the topic. Exhibitors front and center on the exhibit floor at Digital ID World this week are MSFT, Novell, Oracle, AOL, while the smaller players, who were the only ones a few years ago: Ping, […]

by Linda Elliott There has been a lot of attention paid to identity authentication in the payments world over the last several years. Five years ago, systematizing the use and sharing of identity beyond the proprietary structures of vendor products was a new idea and there was great energy in the marketplace. The Liberty Alliance […]

Glenbrook’s Linda Elliott has years of experience in designing, building and operating some of the largest payment processing platforms in the industry. She filed the following commentary – after reflecting upon some the cluster of news stories over the last week about difficulties with several significant transaction systems. Click here to read Linda’s commentary on […]

Glenbrook’s Linda Elliott has been following the banking industry’s efforts to comply with the FFIEC Internet Banking Guidance issued almost a year ago. We first posted her initial summary of bank strategies last September. Here’s a link to her most recent update (version 7) with the latest on what the industry has been doing since […]

Glenbrook’s Linda Elliott provides part 2 of her report on the rollout of contactless payments in the Denver area.

Glenbrook’s Linda Elliott, lives in the Denver area and just got her very own Chase blink card in the mail. She’s just finished writing up part one of a report on her first day’s experiences with that blink card in her hands. Great stuff – enjoy!

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