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What do eBay, Google, and Facebook all have in common? Sure, they all dominate their respective categories. And, yes, they all are hugely ambitious. Plus they all have demonstrated the ability to invent new markets. The other shared trait, in case you hadn’t noticed, is they are all in the payments business. Not in the […]


A couple of weeks ago, eBay held an Analyst Day where eBay senior management shared their thinking about the future of the changing commerce landscape – and how they’re thinking about taking the “e” out of eCommerce. (Click here for the PDF of the presentation.) What’s this taking out the “e” business all about? It’s […]


I’m sure you’ve seen it – there’s been so much “buzz” in the press over the last few weeks about mobile payments. Yet, in our partners’ meeting at Glenbrook earlier this week, I told my colleagues that if I knew of a way to short “mobile payments”, I’d be all over it. Follow along as […]


Glenbrook launched this Payments Views blog back in February as a place to debate and discuss the Payments News of the day. We’re thrilled with your participation in the comments and pleased with the steadily climbing traffic. Looking back over the past year, seven popular topics and recurring themes stand out:


Google Checkout has just moved a “subscription” capability into beta. This is welcome news to many online sellers, as the ability to charge buyers on a regular basis, without the buyers’ active involvement has been missing from Google Checkout since its inception. The new capability, as described by Google, appears to be somewhat advanced, with […]


Yesterday, Google Checkout announced that it was changing its fee structure beginning May 5 – eliminating the previous credit that Google AdWords customers got that reduced their Google Checkout fees. Instead, the new Google Checkout fee structure essentially parallels that of PayPal’s – a long-standing fee structure that the online payments leader has had in […]


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