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Tuesday’s collapse of pioneer Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox has been widely covered by the international tech and general media. There’s no doubt quite a story behind its demise. The rumored theft of hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoin will provide plenty of fodder for journalists and investigators. The pain of those who lost their bitcoin […]


What do eBay, Google, and Facebook all have in common? Sure, they all dominate their respective categories. And, yes, they all are hugely ambitious. Plus they all have demonstrated the ability to invent new markets. The other shared trait, in case you hadn’t noticed, is they are all in the payments business. Not in the […]


Glenbrook’s Carol Coye Benson, Erin McCune, and Bryan Derman are teaching one of our Payments Boot Camps in New York City near Times Square today. Just out the window we spy this:


One of my partners, Bryan Derman, and I are in Haiti for a few days kicking off a project where we’ll be part of a team with RTX Technology Partners designing a “from the ground up” electronic payments system for the Republic of Haiti. Our team began competing for the project over eight months ago, […]


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