Glenbrook’s Russ Jones is attending the PayPal X Platform developers conference in San Francisco. His post from Day 2 is here. The PayPal news feed was running full blast today given all the various products, initiatives, and alliances that were announced on the first day of the PayPal Developer Conference. This was PayPal’s second developer […]

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You are a bona fide payments professional if that headline makes senses to you. For everyone else, here’s an explanation. Kombini Payments Before we take a look at PayNearMe, let’s first explore how Kombini payments work. Kombini (variously spelled Konbini, Kombini, or Combini) or convenience store payments are an important element of the Japanese payment […]


As you may have seen on PaymentsNews, MasterCard announced the acquisition of DataCash, a pan-European (and a bit beyond) gateway, this morning for $520 million. Before I jump in, you might want to take a look at the earlier opinion piece I posted regarding Visa’s $2 billion acquisition of CyberSource, since the rationale for MasterCard’s […]


“Pay with a Tweet – A social payment system.” These aren’t my words. Instead, it is the name of a new payment concept developed by an interactive advertising agency called Innovative Thunder. Given the work we’ve been doing on social payments here at Glenbrook, we had to investigate this one. Here’s how it works. A […]


A number of us self-proclaimed “payments geeks” awoke this morning to learn of Visa Inc’s intention to purchase CyberSource for approximately $2 billion.  Over the course of the day, Glenbrook’s been getting a flood of emails generally asking, “What’s the REAL reason Visa’s buying this big gateway company?”


Another year has flown by and here I am at the 2010 ETA Annual Meeting. I love to walk through the exhibit hall and see “what’s hot,” what’s changed, and what never changes at this ISO conference.  So here goes… Before I arrived I tried to predict what the hot areas would be;  I predicted […]


Here at Glenbrook, we work closely with eCommerce merchants on issues and opportunities that they confront every day. Increasingly, the questions we hear surround the topic of “going global” — “What countries should I sell into? What local payment methods are important? Who can provide my company’s payment services over seas? It seems that U.S. […]


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about social payments, and have reached two conclusions. The first is that a payment facilitated by a social network is not a social payment—it’s just a normal customer-not-present payment. The second is that social payments are, by definition, social in nature and involve multiple parties. Hear me out on […]


As a volunteer at several non-profits, I have, of course, jumped or gotten pulled into those organizations’ payment issues. Accepting donations over the Internet is increasingly important and there are a staggering array of specialized service providers that offer turnkey payment acceptance. Over the past year though, we at Glenbrook have noticed more and more […]


Written by Jacqueline Chilton based on a speeches and panel discussion at ATPS 2009 – Airline and Travel Payments Summit (Link to presentations) – Save the date for ATPS 2010 in San Francisco, Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2010 Localization is one of the key trends influencing the future of payments. At Glenbrook we believe […]


Where are you? What did you buy? How much did you pay? Did you get a deal? This might sound like your teenager on their phone, but it’s what a new company called Blippy hopes to answer with a new Web 2.0 service. Here’s the basic premise. What if you could broadcast everything you bought […]


It’s the holidays and the online retail sales are… well… who knows? We’re seeing data points all over the map. comScore is reporting better-than-they-expected 4% growth over the the previous year. U.S. online holiday spending has grown 4% to nearly $21 billion during the first 43 days of the November-December shopping season, according to comScore […]


The Airlines & Travel Payments Summit 2009 held a preconference session on fraud yesterday. Managing online fraud is a significant cost for carriers around the world. CyberSource’s Paul Brock spoke on improving automation to increase fraud detection.  The key to identifying fraud is finding common characteristics, which can be used in automated detection and defining […]


Glenbrook Partner’s Jacqueline Chilton is in Miami this week for the Airline and Travel Payments Summit. She is moderating a panel on localisation at 2pm on Thursday: Lessons learned: Localised payments are a key part of improving your bottom line in a global ecommerce world. What are the challenges and issues, from implementation to selection […]


Today’s announcement of American Express acquiring Revolution Money caught many of us industry pundits by surprise – especially given the $300 MM price tag that Amex paid for the deal. But, upon reflection, and after listening to the Q&A section of Amex’s conference call earlier today, you can see why they were motivated to do […]


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