Dennis Moser

On a bright sunny New Year’s Day 2015, we lost our long-time friend and colleague Dennis Moser. Dennis had been battling a recurrence of cancer – undergoing treatment to battle the disease following the appearance of new symptoms at Thanksgiving. I remember seeing him in the office just before Christmas – as he was about […]


Dennis Moser is Glenbrook’s payments systems expert.  He’s worked on building the engines that make payment networks run, especially the critical component of the POS and payment acceptance infrastructure.  He’s also been neck deep in payment data management systems, both as a designer and as a data mining practitioner. Dennis and I have worked together […]

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I recently had the time and opportunity to bone up on machine learning.  The opportunity that presented itself was a 10-week on-line course taught by a well known Stanford Computer Science professor, Andrew Ng.  The course, offered by included lectures, quizzes, and programming exercises. It was great. And it really got me thinking about […]


Last Friday, the  Wolfram Alpha “computational knowledge engine” went live.  Steven Wolfram is the driving force behind this incredibly ambitious venture.  His previous accomplishments include publication of first scientific paper at age 15, a PhD in theoretical physics from Caltech at age 20, creation of Mathematica software, and publication of  “A New Kind of Science.” […]


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