Decoupled Debit

Every year I try to attend what I think of as the PayPal Developers Conference. This year what used to be the PayPal X Innovate Conference was expanded to include eBay app development, Magento app development, and –– most importantly –– X.commerce app development. X.commerce is eBay’s new end-to-end, multi-channel commerce technology platform. While most […]


Last week’s announcement by TSYS of its new hybrid card marks the latest application of the decoupled debit technology first made popular by Capital One in 2007 (though arguably pioneered by PayPal some years before in an online, non-card form). In fact, depending on how it is ultimately deployed, the TSYS product could provide a […]


… and Why ‘Decoupled Debit’ Could Change All That I was fascinated to read that Bank of America is now including debit cards in its card payment business line.  Now, for anyone outside of our payments industry, this sounds absolutely reasonable.  But from inside the industry, it’s pretty strange. The financial services industry, presumably like […]



by Carol Coye Benson on January 29, 2008

in ACH, Decoupled Debit, NACHA

I spoke last week with Elliott McEntee, President and CEO of NACHA about two current issues – NACHA’s reaction to “de-coupled debits” and the progress of the Secure Vault Payments program. Decoupled Debit – Background Decoupled debit programs, announced by both Capital One and HSBC (as issuers) and Tempo (as a processor) take a normal […]


Here’s an update on NACHA topics from this morning’s sessions at the Association for Financial Professionals conference being held this week in Boston. Check to ACH Conversion Some of us in the industry will remember a brief and ill-fated “Check-ACH Coalition” in 2006, targeting a larger-scale conversion of checks to ACH, at a bank’s instigation […]


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