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EMV and its moving parts presents a far more complex payments method for merchants, ISVs, payment processors, and financial institutions than the good old magstripe. It continues to have ramifications throughout the payments ecosystem. As Executive Director of the Smart Card Alliance and director of the EMV Migration Forum, Randy Vanderhoof has shepherded a sometimes fractious […]


We are delighted to feature another post by Manfred Schuck, a terrific payments consultant from Frankfurt, who will co-lead with Elizabeth McQuerry our upcoming Payments in Europe Insight workshop to be held in Mountain View, CA on October 9. Now, it’s about cards.  Here’s how the European Payments Council (EPC), the self-regulation body of the […]


As a biller or merchant, you are vitally concerned about your payments “back office”, that set of core functions involved with accepting consumer payments. Whether you are in Treasury or Technology, if you are concerned with payments, you are asking yourself, every day, questions such as: Is my organization optimized to manage payments? Am I […]


Point of sale (POS) steering isn’t really part of the payments industry dialogue right now as various stakeholders praise, argue, and criticize the proposed Federal Reserve rules on debit card interchange and network routing. But, I think it could be a big part of how things could unfold in the near future. Let’s start with […]


You have to admire great execution when you see it – and this morning Jeff Mullen and Philip Yen from Dynamics stopped by our offices to say hello and share some of their excitement at the reactions they’ve been getting to their new “ultra smart” payment cards – they’ve coined (!) them Card 2.0. We’ve […]

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A number of us self-proclaimed “payments geeks” awoke this morning to learn of Visa Inc’s intention to purchase CyberSource for approximately $2 billion.  Over the course of the day, Glenbrook’s been getting a flood of emails generally asking, “What’s the REAL reason Visa’s buying this big gateway company?”


When it comes to mobile payments in the U.S. market, there’s a lot of talk and action around P2P and remote purchasing (bill to carrier models, etc.).  But the biggest potential is our huge POS (point of sale) market.  This market today is arguably the best-served payments market in the world, with extensive merchant terminalization […]


The second Keynote speaker for the ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum 2009 was Robert O. Carr, Chairman and CEO, Heartland Payment Systems.  Proud of their reputation for full disclosure with merchants, they had to put it to the test with their Jan 20, 2009 announcement of their data breach. PCI compliance is intended to target […]


I jumped at the opportunity to interview Jason Hogg, CEO of Revolution Money, parent company of Revolution Card. My colleagues and I at Glenbrook Partners are frequently tapped as a source of information about the very latest goings on in the world of “alternative payments”, but unfortunately, Revolution doesn’t share a whole lot of key […]


Chase Blueprint brings new transparency and consumer control to credit cards Today’s announcement of the new “Blueprint” functionality by Chase Card Services represents a significant generational inflection point in the evolution of the US credit card business. Although they often try to refute it, for more than 25 years US credit card issuers have marched […]


Consistent with the current government focus on enhancing consumer protection, the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (Credit CARD Act of 2009) brings sea changes to the credit card industry. Forward-looking financial services institutions are viewing these shifts not as a reactive compliance and operational exercise, but more broadly in anticipation of […]


The Glenbrook team is devouring advance copies of “Priceless: The Case that Brought Down the Visa/MasterCard Bank Cartel” by Lloyd Constantine. All I can say is “wow”!  This is juicy reading that I’m sure all payments professionals will want to add to their book bag! From the advance material on the book: Priceless offers readers […]

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Note: this commentary could be subtitled: “How my trip to the U.K. left me with a chip on my shoulder!” When I was a child, I remember preparing for international travel by accompanying my parents to our local bank branch to purchase traveler’s checks. It wasn’t exactly convenient – but they felt safer traveling with […]


At Glenbrook we believe that B2B payments are among the most compelling opportunities in the payment industry today. Card acceptance is growing, yet businesses lack the tools to efficiently process transactions. My colleague Carol Coye Benson and I recently published the findings from a series of interviews with business-to-business suppliers about credit card acceptance that […]


In a frankly depressing but undoubtedly realistic column this morning titled “National Addiction to Easy Credit Remains Consumers’ Downfall“, Michelle Singletary, the Washington Post’s personal finance columnist, writes that the credit card reforms being put into regulation by the Federal Reserve and potentially being accelerated/enhanced by Congressional action sometime soon won’t deal with the root […]


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