Amazon Payments is in the news all the time with its continued expansion of markets and fulfillment centers, its focus on innovation and long term R&D, and, recently, some very non-intuitive acquisitions. It’s easy to get swept up in their story. But when a company gets as big and powerful as Amazon has become, it’s helpful […]


As I was slogging through the many payments-related articles and blog posts reminiscing about 2015 events and making predictions for what may or may not be ahead in 2016, I thought of a conversation I had with Scott Loftesness around 20 years ago, sometime in 1995 or 1996. Both of us were at First Data […]


The recent entry of into the small merchant mobile POS card acceptance market may signal the last phase of increasing hostility in the US merchant acquiring segment of the card payments business. Prior to the launch of Square in 2010, the merchant acquiring business in the US might have been described as having some […]


Yesterday, Google Checkout announced that it was changing its fee structure beginning May 5 – eliminating the previous credit that Google AdWords customers got that reduced their Google Checkout fees. Instead, the new Google Checkout fee structure essentially parallels that of PayPal’s – a long-standing fee structure that the online payments leader has had in […]


The headline might say Twitter, but for payments professionals the story here is all about Amazon Payments. The original version of Twitpay (the one that went into beta in November 2008) was based on PayPal. Consumers funded their Twitpay account by making a PayPal payment to TwitPay. This approach had all sorts of problems, many […]

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