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Last June, in an article titled “The End of Interchange“, I wrote about the then yet to be passed Durbin amendment – and how it might affect debit interchange fees. Earlier today, we got the first glimpse. The point of my earlier article was focused on the “sleeper” – as I described it – in […]


Last week my partner Russ Jones and I were exploring some of new ideas in the mobile payments space when we came across the notion of the “Commerce Context” – defined as when you and I, as consumers, are in an environment (a context) that’s enabled for commerce. The last fifteen years of the eCommerce […]

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You have to admire great execution when you see it – and this morning Jeff Mullen and Philip Yen from Dynamics stopped by our offices to say hello and share some of their excitement at the reactions they’ve been getting to their new “ultra smart” payment cards – they’ve coined (!) them Card 2.0. We’ve […]

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One of the more interesting elements added late in the game to the Durbin amendment was the language added around card-related fraud costs. This has led to much speculation about what this might mean for various anti-fraud technologies (e.g., EMV in the US, a mandate for 3-D Secure for online ecommerce, etc.) as the Fed […]


I’m just back from a fascinating ten day visit to India – and, frankly, I’m still in a bit of a daze from that amazing experience. More to come about my visit there. Tonight, as I’m catching up on the happenings while I was gone, I came across a press release earlier this week from […]


In a post titled “Great since day one“, Marco Arment blogs about what makes the iPhone different – in essence he writes that Apple makes products that are great today. Android isn’t. Reading his post brought to mind the fragmented nature of the card payments ecosystem that we live in – and how it’s so […]

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If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m just back from a week in Europe. Before heading over, I took the extra precaution of calling a couple of my card issuers to let them know I was going to be traveling – in the hopes that my primary debit and credit cards would continue […]


In a most interesting blog post by Foursquare today, the company’s biz dev team talks about how the location-based app plans to evolve its platform by integrating with “thousands of merchants”. As MG Siegler writing on TechCrunch noted, down near the end of the blog post under Redemptions is further discussion about how this mobile […]

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I’m in Europe this week teaching, along with my partner Carol Coye Benson, a private payments workshop. This is the first time we’ve done this in Europe – and we’re looking forward to it! Flying over on United Airlines, I couldn’t help but notice the new optical bar code scanners that have been installed at […]


There, did I get your attention? … Tonight’s headlines say it even more clearly – see this Wall St. Journal story titled “Merchants Win Debit-Card Fee Battle“. Or, see this post on about the Durbin compromise announced earlier today. Seriously, it seems to me that there’s a bit of a sleeper buried in all […]


Earlier today, Sweden’s Klarna AB announced an investment – indeed, a majority investment, by Menlo Park’s Sequoia Capital – and that Sequoia’s Michael Moritz has joined the board of Klarna. Talk about coming out of “left field”! A Sequoia investment – especially when led by Moritz (famous for his early investments Yahoo!, PayPal, Google and […]

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Kevin Kelly recently wrote about this quote by Clay Shirky: “Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.” Think about what you’re doing when you show up each morning. Are you preserving/protecting – or innovating? If you’re preserving/protecting – I wish you well. It’s a tough job but somebody has […]


Today, I tried an experiment – holding office hours. Isn’t that such a throwback to your old college days? Several folks have asked about how it went – so here’s a brief summary. Turns out it was good fun – and hopefully this also proves to be productive for Glenbrook in terms of future business. […]


So you really want to be a merchant – and accept card payments simply and easily? Jack Dorsey wants to be your friend. Hope you’ve got an iPhone! Earlier today, Dorsey and friends announced the launch of Square. Dorsey, co-founder and chairman of Twitter, is certainly a celebrity founder and CEO. TechCrunch notes that apparently […]


Today’s announcement of American Express acquiring Revolution Money caught many of us industry pundits by surprise – especially given the $300 MM price tag that Amex paid for the deal. But, upon reflection, and after listening to the Q&A section of Amex’s conference call earlier today, you can see why they were motivated to do […]


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