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Welcome! Payments Views is a companion to Glenbrook Partner’s popular Payments News blog, the go-to source for payments industry news as it happens. For years our colleagues in the industry have relied on us for the objective, timely coverage of Payments News.

But, behind the scenes, we’ve bantered via email and chat over the latest press releases and other news – sharing insights and observations. Now, here on Payments Views, we’re going public with our internal debate and inviting you to join in and share with us.

Our goal at Payments Views is to connect the dots, analyze what’s happening in the industry and draw conclusions. In addition, we’re drawing on themes and events in related fields – technology, economics, social media, etc. – that impact the world of payments.

We’d love to have you, our readers, chime in with your comments.

If you have discovered this blog via Google search or an inbound link, Glenbrook Partners is a payment strategy consulting firm based in Silicon Valley. We work across the payments value chain, with the established incumbents, start-ups, technologists, merchants and the investors focused on the space. There are nine of us, we’re all partners, and we are proud to consider our selves payments geeks. There are brief bios below and you can learn more about Glenbrook here.

For more information about how we built Payments Views using WordPress and the Thesis theme, see this article that Scott Loftesness wrote.

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Glenbrook Contributors

Carol Coye Benson has over 25 years of experience in product, marketing, and strategy development at both wholesale and retail banking in firms including Deutsche Bank, Visa, and Citibank. Carol has worked extensively in online authentication. Posts by Carol

Bryan Derman has a focus on the economics of retail banking, payment card issuance, and electronic delivery. Bryan has held management positions at Cyota, First Data, NatWest, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and McKinsey & Company. Posts by Bryan

Russ Jones is an industry pioneer in the commercial use of Internet technologies, with a strong background in strategy, market, and product development. Russ has worked on the adoption of emerging technologies at NuVantage and Compaq. Posts by Russ

Scott Loftesness has over 30 years of experience in information technology—as a senior executive, board member, investor, consultant, advisor, and mentor to CEO’s. Scott has held senior management positions at First Data and Visa International. Posts by Scott
Erin McCune concentrates on the intersection of corporate finance, banking, and the technology providers that service one or the other (or both). She leads complex business-to-business payment initiatives for corporate clients and advises financial institutions on the development of their cash management capabilities. Posts by Erin

Allen Weinberg has more than 20 years experience at leading financial services and Internet companies, including First Data, Visa USA, and Accenture. Allen has a particular expertise in merchant adoption of new payment technologies. Posts by Allen

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