The ITU Digital Financial Services Focus Group Wraps Up

by George Peabody on December 14, 2016

in Allen Weinberg, Carol Coye Benson, Elizabeth McQuerry, Financial Inclusion, Merchants

Last week in Geneva, the ITU wrapped up a two-year project – the “Focus Group on Digital Financial Services and Financial Inclusion”. Several hundred organizations and people participated in the Focus Group, which produced research papers and policy recommendations on a wide variety of topics. The papers are available on the Focus Group website.

Glenbrook’s Carol Coye Benson and Allen Weinberg were active members of the group: Carol ran the “Ecosystem Working Group” and Allen led a group of people on in-depth research and exploration of topics relating to merchant acceptance of payments in emerging economies. Glenbrook partner Elizabeth McQuerry was at the closing session, participating on a panel discussion of “New Frontiers in Regulation.”

Hear Carol’s perspective on the effort.

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