“I know Scott!”

by Carol Coye Benson on October 31, 2016

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Our co-founder, partner and friend, Scott Loftesness, is formally retiring from Glenbrook today.  I can’t begin to say how much I will miss him – as a colleague, as a mentor, and as an endless source of ideas and insights.  Glenbrook is today what it is largely because of Scott’s vision for the firm: a place for peers to meet, interested in collaboration; a platform for Glenbrook partners to do the work that interests them; a means to bring our collective knowledge to bear on clients’ needs. Above all else, Scott has a fierce determination to understand the workings of our industry.  This passion led Scott to create and nurture our Glenbrook Payments News site: an incredible accomplishment and a valuable source of news and knowledge for payments professionals throughout the industry.


Among his many admirable qualities, Scott has always had a razor focus on what is important – a natural genius, you might say, for sorting out the wheat from the chaff.  We’ve always enjoyed that, and been guided by it:  I remember when, in about 2005, he turned to us and said “you know, I think we should start thinking about mobile again….”

Scott, best wishes for the years ahead.  I know you will continue to follow the industry and I hope you will always let us know about the next big topic we should focus on.  In your (relative) leisure in the years to come, I’m sure your passion for photography will stand you well.  I have some of your pieces on my living room walls, and I certainly hope I can add to my collection in the coming years.

Many people have been encouraged by Scott over the years.  I can’t tell you how many times, when I have mentioned to people that I am with Glenbrook, that I have heard: “Glenbrook – that’s where Scott Loftesness is, right?  I know Scott!”  Sometimes these were people who had worked closely with Scott, but often they were people who had just met with him once, but felt a deep connection. So I will also join the chorus, and say “I know Scott!” – and I’m glad I do.

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  1. Allen Weinberg says:

    I thought I’d share a typical “Scott story”.

    For years and years, as I walked around industry conferences, many people would look at my name tag and say “Glenbrook — that’s where Scott Loftesness is, right?”

    That would be followed by “I’ve known Scott for years and years”. And then, a pause, followed by “Now that I think about it, I know him pretty well, but I don’t think I’ve actually ever met him”. Scott indeed casts a large shadow.

    I think all of us go through our careers and pick and choose styles from those of us around them. It’s been incredible watching Scott in a room over the years. He’s usually very quiet, and always thoughtful. When he does speak, everyone hangs on his words. Really taught me how effective that style can be.

    I can go on and on about all the things Scott has taught me; all the things that come out of my mouth that I first heard come out of his.

    And of course, Glenbrook never would have emerged from the primordial ooze if it weren’t for our own bolt of lightning — Scott Loftesness. Scott, thank you so much.

  2. Bryan Derman says:

    Scott taught us to try to keep things simple, so I’ll do that here. Scott, “without you, no us.”

  3. Jeff Olives says:

    Congratulations, Scott– you have helped create a wonderful company, and I am sure that your life in retirement will be both fun and fulfilling!

  4. Vaibhav Puranik says:

    Scott – Best wishes! I have been accused of setting my browser homepage to paymentsnews.com, and I can safely say it’s because of you and the wonderful Glenbrook team’s tireless work and writing over the years. Looking forward to continuing to see your experiments with the camera.

  5. Jerry Craft says:

    Scott, well deserved more leisurely pace available- just not sure how you are going to adjust? For decades (since Scott’s Visa days) I had the pleasure to know and work with Scott. Much of the infrastructure (from Payment Systems to Processors) bears Scott’s imprint. He grasped the detail and the strategic importance of market activities. All the best to you and your family.

  6. Pete Donat says:

    The collective payments industry IQ will diminish without you in it. Enjoy stage next – and hope we can still meet up at the Glenbrook Cafe

  7. The end of an era, of thought-leadership, careful listening, and truly helpful guidance and mentorship. In recent years, I have benefitted from all of these qualities, while newly appreciating a great eye, as Scott has grown as an outstanding street photographer. Any gallery would be proud to show his work. Good luck and best wishes in your new career. I look forward to seeing your great body of work grow, and continuing our periodic lunches and conversations.

  8. Jim van Dyke says:

    Scott, you’re one of the most admired thought-leaders in the payments business and a true gentleman as well. I’m hoping your future adventures provide you with much joy.

  9. Paul Guthrie says:

    Congratulations, Scott. I look forward to seeing many more travel photos on your blog! You’ve been a great mentor and friend to many in the industry and you will be missed.

  10. Sanjay Swamy says:

    Scott – congratulations on retiring after an amazing career – enjoy retirement. The Glenbrook team and clients/partners will no doubt miss you – you’re an inspiration for all of us payment geeks!

    Look forward to catching up again with you soon over a coffee – and hope to see you in India again, soon!

    Happy retirement!

    Your friend in India 🙂

  11. Jeff Fonseca says:

    Congrats Scott. From my first impressions with you at Payments Boot Camp many year ago, to following your newsletter and industry musings, I have always learned and kept a passion to learn about payments as inspired by you. Many thanks for your contributions to our industry and wishing you a well deserved retirement. Gone Fishing Indefinitely :-).

  12. Craig Welch says:

    Wow, Scott retiring? Who would have thought?

    All the best Scott, it was a privilege meeting you at Visa for the first time, and a few times subsequently. I would suggest that you enjoy your retirement, but I doubt that you will really retire.

    Best Wishes,
    Craig Welch
    Washington DC

  13. Kevin Atwood says:

    I first met Scott many years ago working at Visa. When he co-founded Glenbrook I always admired the concept of Payments 101 and what a great educational opportunity it was for people to learn about payments. Beyond teaching new entrants into the payments field it was a incredible marketing tool for the Glenbrook team. Scott is definitely a leader in the payments field especially here in the SF Bay Area and will surely be missed. I will personally miss the photos he would post and share on various websites. Scott, if you are not a member of a local camera club to share your passion for photography you should check out http://www.millbraecameraclub.org as they would surely welcome your talent! I wish you the best of luck in the next phase in your life and hope retirement is truly wonderful. Carol and Alan will carry on the Glenbrook consultancy but I am sure they will give you a call from time to time to say “hey Scott what do you think of this?”
    Best Wishes,
    Kevin Atwood
    San Carlos, CA

  14. Jacqueline Chilton says:

    Congratulations Scott. What an incredible contribution you have made to payments. You have fostered the thinking in many payments systems and products that continue on with innovation as your legacy. Wishing you much joy, time to reflect and a lot of photography in your retirement.

  15. Bengt Horsma says:

    ” I know Scott”, since our first meeting in 2002.
    And since then I highly appreciated that you always found time to meet and catch-up when I was in town.
    I liked when you shared your thoughts and challenged my views but also respected my opinions and thoughts of topics like payments, emerging technologies, future of the market….and which Norwegian fjord was most beautiful :-).
    Enjoy your time off, as I will continue to follow and be amazed of the photographs you take.

    All the best

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