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I’ve been thinking a lot about how payments and payment-related technologies fit into the emerging world of multi-channel commerce or omni-commerce as some people call it. When a lot of companies describe their omni-commerce strategy, they are usually talking about recognizing customers across channels and being able support a sales cycle that starts in one channel and finishes in another.

Instead of parallel channels (store, online, call center) I think a better metaphor is to imagine a funnel where customers move through a wide area, near area, and localized experience right up to the point where it gets personal. At any point along the journey they can consummate the purchase and move on. But often times, one step leads to the next.

Here’s how I think about each stage cut by some of the relevant disciplines that are being brought to bear in the stage. The related technologies and techniques are not exhaustive. I’m sure I’m leaving off your company or your favorite payment method. I’m just trying to illustrate what fits where. It’s one of the things that consultants compulsively do!

Wide Area Retailing – Customer is at home or work

  • Advertising networks (prospect identification, cross site targeting, search engine optimization)
  • Social networks (word of mouth, social graph)
  • Targeted offers based on transaction spending patterns (card-linked offers)
  • Targeted offers based on cohort segmentation (propensity modeling)
  • Loyalty-based engagement (new arrivals, member discounts, complementary product cross-sell)
  • Traditional eCommerce (ship from warehouse, ship from store)
  • Tablet-optimized sites and native retailer apps
  • Payment methods (Cards + PayPal, Bitcoin)
  • In-App Checkout (Card on File, PayPal, Google Wallet, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay)
  • In-Browser Checkout (Card on File, PayPal, Google Wallet, Visa Checkout)

Near Area Retailing – Customer is on the move or in the neighborhood

  • Targeted offers based on location (augmented by segmentation, spending patterns, etc.)
  • Recommendations based on social network spend
  • Foot Traffic analytics (walk-by rate, entry rate, etc.)
  • Order Ahead (pickup in store, pickup in drive thru)
  • Smartphone-optimized sites and native retailer apps
  • Payment methods (Cards + PayPal, Bitcoin)
  • In-App Checkout (PayPal, Google Wallet, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay)
  • In-Browser Checkout (Card on File, PayPal, Google Wallet, Visa Checkout)

Local Area Retailing – Customer is in the store

  • Check-In Metaphor
  • Interactive offers (mobile delivery; based on product/service engagement, location in store, check-in, etc.)
  • Interactive product info (mobile based, expands product details, checks inventory level, etc.)
  • Digital media (in-store advertising networks, digital signage)
  • Mobile dashboard (app as dashboard to retailer-specific experience, inventory levels)In-store analytics (linger rate, new/repeat customers)
  • Showrooming
  • Beacons, beacons everywhere
  • Order In-Store, Order at Table
  • Payment methods (Cards + PayPal)
  • In-App Checkout (PayPal, Google Wallet, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, CurrentC (MCX))
  • Wearables

Personal Area Retailing – Customer is ready to checkout

* New POS (EMV, Contactless, Bluetooth LE, QR Code, NFC, Pay by Face, etc.)
* New Cash Register (tablet as cash register, mPOS, clerk in aisle)
* Kiosks (Order entry, bill pay)
* In-aisle checkout (mobile based, self-scan and pay-in-aisle)
* Digital receipts (emailed, archived, offer enhanced)
* Payment methods (Cards, Private Label, Gift Cards, PayPal, ACH Cards)
* POS Checkout (Cards, PayPal, Google Wallet, Softcard (Isis), Apple Pay, CurrentC (MCX))
* Wearbles

Does this framework make sense? Did I miss any big areas of discipline? Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

We’ll be talking about a few of these emerging technologies and techniques at our next “Innovation in Payments” workshop being held December 11th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. See the agenda here. I’m particularly excited about what we’ve pulled together on Tokenization A-Z, Apple Pay Tear Down, and Beacons.

Please join us if you can. It should be fun!

This piece was written by Glenbrook’s Russ Jones.

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