March 2014

NACHA recently announced plans for a phased introduction of same-day settlement for ACH.  I spoke with NACHA President and CEO Jan Estep this morning about the initiative. First of all, I congratulate Jan – and the ACH community – for picking up the fallen banner, for as we know, a previous version of this was […]

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Since the media latched onto Bitcoin as good fodder for the 24 hours news cycle, the hard focus has been on Bitcoin, its merits, and shortcomings, as a currency, commodity, and as next generation payment rails. My thinking on its currency and commodity aspects is straightforward. If you don’t understand Bitcoin, don’t buy it, caveat […]

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Recently I shared my views about the developments underway in the mobile and payments space in Latin America. In that story, I address how individual countries are taking big strides toward reshaping their national payments landscape. Another remarkable, and equally little known, story is happening in southern Africa where the payments infrastructure in 15 countries […]

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One of the pleasures of joining Glenbrook has been getting to know what and how the other Glebrookers think about what’s happening in the payments industry.  We talk a lot at Glenbrook. Over iChat, email, mobile phones, Skype, Google Hangout with voice and video, through Google Docs, and whenever we meet up for client work […]


I can’t help it – I’m a consultant; I love putting things into categories and into context.  I always find pictures and “maps” help when things get confusing.  So here’s my latest attempt at making sense of what’s going on with mobile payments and cards. What really jumps out for me is the issue of […]


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