July 2013

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have gained plenty of attention from the financial press and blogosphere, the technology press, and to a lesser degree, the media at large. We’ve read the pros and cons, predictions of both revolution and disaster. And we’ve seen how this ferment has attracted multiple angel and VC investors to the […]


Bitcoin’s volatility continues to swing with the mood of investors, speculators, and the economic travails of countries like Argentina where Bitcoin usage is up sharply as concerns over the peso rise. The btc currency has swung between $70 and $100 since its astonishing mid-April high of $230. In other words, if you’re a bitcoin holder, […]


Just before the 4th of July holiday, Felix Salmon, finance blogger at Reuters, wrote an insightful piece, sharply critical of mobile payments and the long anticipated ability of our clever smartphones and wireless communications to improve upon a simple plastic payment card. It’s hard to argue with much of his critique. Salmon’s piece set off […]


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