October 2012

Young Atlanta-area businesses with big ideas and the venture capitalists that seek those big ideas gathered in Atlanta in October 17 and 18 to showcase the start-ups and share experiences from alumni. My focus in attending the conference was to see which of the start-ups featured payments angles and how this important aspect was being […]

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As a social scientist by training, I’m fascinated with how ideas gain (or fail to gain) traction. In payments, there seems to a set of essential elements that are required for a new option to reach the level of traction. In no particular order, these elements include ease of use, ubiquity, security, and attractiveness. How […]


Certainly one of the most daunting aspects of cross-border payments is the complexity inherent in the fact that different countries have different payment systems. Many payment systems require data specific to the local processing environment. Sort codes, IBANs (International Bank Account Number), SWIFT codes, and ISO country codes are prime examples of data not typically […]


One of the more interesting aspects of joining Glenbrook is the essential need to stay up to date with new market developments and product enhancements. (Oh, the luxury to focus on what’s new and happening in payments!) One of the areas I’m interested in is bill payment – particularly developments that are adding efficiencies to […]


Meet Brad and Bruce Budge, co-owners of Budge Brothers Brewing, a craft beer start-up here in Spokane, Washington.  They make great beer and are challenged to expand their facilities to support increasing demand for their product.  As 20-somethings, they aren’t interested in taking on any new debt — and might have trouble procuring it anyway […]


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