March 2012

I’m at the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank’s conference on Consumer Payment Innovation.  Bruce Summers, Former Director, Federal Reserve Information Technology, just finished presenting a major paper on payments system infrastructure and the Fed’s potential role in new systems in the future.  The paper, which builds on an earlier paper coming out of the Chicago Fed’s Symposium on […]


This is conference week for me! Today I’m sitting at Mobile Money Americas in Mexico City, with a fascinating group of people working on mobile wallets in countries throughout the region. Of the 129 live mobile money projects worldwide (and let’s not get distracted, right now, by defining that…), 17 are live in the LAC region, with […]


As anticipated, and widely leaked, PayPal today announced PayPal Here, its mobile payments acceptance solution, at a private event in San Francisco. At a high-level it matches – and in some cases, exceeds – the features offered by Square and the other mobile POS vendors. In context, this has been a big week for PayPal, […]


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