February 2012

We recently sat down (virtually) with BOKU to learn more about how the company views the mobile payments market and where BOKU Accounts fits in the emerging mobile POS landscape. What follows is a summary of what we learned and our reaction to the their strategy and approach. One of the reasons that the mobile […]


On January 26, FIS announced a new mobile payments solution using technology provided by Paydiant. In its announcement, FIS said: This cloud-based payment solution is adaptable and secure, requiring only downloadable applications for both consumers and retailers. Importantly, the mobile payments solution can be built into retailers’ and financial institutions’ existing mobile applications, preserving brand […]


Consumers transfer tens of billions of dollars from the United States each year in international remittances. In 2009 the World Bank estimated that US$48 billion was sent from American consumers to friends and family in other countries, a number that represents 0.3% of our GDP.While consumer international remittances are a big business, transparency and consumer protection […]


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