January 2012

Who knows what in payments? Sounds like a question begging for a snappy one-liner comeback. But this is a question we hear more and more from our clients. Particularly those that see the increasingly close relationship between payments and marketing — and want to better understand how the targeting of ads and offers can be […]


I went by the San Carlos Home Depot on the way to the Glenbrook office this morning and used PayPal’s “Empty Hands” to pay for my purchase. The whole thing worked and I left the store with a Home Depot receipt that listed my payment method as “PayPal” instead of “Visa XXXXXXXXXXXX9297”. Here’s the in-store […]


I realized today that mobile payments have “jumped the shark” as an emerging payments topic, and are now helplessly mainstream in the public’s mind. With USA Today and the Wall Street Journal on top of the story week to week, I find myself cringing at the confusion in the popular press. What put me over […]


Curious about what payments professionals were reading last year? Here are the top books ranked by sales made through our Payments News Book Store on Amazon.com: Payments Systems in the U.S. – A Guide for the Payments Professional Written by Carol Coye Benson and Scott Loftesness of Glenbrook Partners, this book provides a comprehensive description […]


Over the winter break, Verizon announced (and then retracted) that it would begin to charge customers a $2.00 convenience fee in 2012 to pay their monthly bill online or over the phone — except in a multitude of cases “where the fee is waived or where no fee applies”. Huh? That’s what we said, too. […]


We’ve launched a new research effort exploring best practices among merchants about how payments and fraud risk management functions are organized, staffed, and measured. If you work in the payments or fraud risk management functions for a merchant, please take a few minutes to complete our survey. In exchange for your help, we’ll share the […]


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