Store As Browser: What I Want From NFC

by Carol Coye Benson on November 4, 2011

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I want to be able to use my phone to tap a tag on a piece of merchandise at a store… and know that the item will be delivered to my home, and my card on file at the merchant be charged. I was in Macy’s yesterday, looking at bath mats – the line was too long, so I walked away. But I would have tapped….

And I know, this is what Amazon and others enable if you scan the barcode. But why can’t I buy it from the merchant whose store I am in?

2 Responses to “Store As Browser: What I Want From NFC”

  1. Josh Karoly says:

    Here here!

  2. Dave Birch says:

    “But I would have tapped….”

    You’re spot on with this Carol. Either the store can make it simple for me to order from them, or I’ll do what I do now which is to simply use Amazon.

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