November 2011

Thanks to the hard work of many (Google, Citi, Sprint, MasterCard, etc.), NFC-based mobile payments are finally a reality in the United States ––and I’m super excited about… mobile self-checkout. I don’t have anything against NFC mobile payments, but the payments industry is already almost a decade into this “next big thing” and is still, […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about the opportunities around helping micro merchants accept electronic payments. You know, your basic nanny/gardner/hot dog vendor/flea market vendor scenario. There are two competing emerging-payments approaches to this market. One is mobile card acceptance, as evidenced by Square, Intuit GoPayment, and many others. In this model, which “rides the card […]


I want to be able to use my phone to tap a tag on a piece of merchandise at a store… and know that the item will be delivered to my home, and my card on file at the merchant be charged. I was in Macy’s yesterday, looking at bath mats – the line was […]


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