FinovateFall 2010: Day 2 / Session 4

by Bryan Derman on October 5, 2010

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Glenbrook’s Bryan Derman is live blogging from FinovateFall 2010. This is one of several posts; you can find an index to his coverage here.

Last session — hang with me!


  • Nicely designed PFM system that uses aggregation
  • It let’s you set goals and track them
  • It’s not easy being the last PFM company in a two-day conference

Jack Henry:

  • Introducing the Optimizer, a PFM-type Dashboard targeted to the management of the bank!
  • Allows bank executives to review loan and deposit trends and their margins
  • Creates a summary P&L and produces alerts on lines and organizations that are under-performing
  • Reporting synchronizes with MS Outlook, so it can be reviewed offline


  • Banks need to personalize their messages through various channels in order to build relationships
  • Segmint reviews customer transactions and tags them in order to generate relevant offers and messages from the bank and its partners
  • Segmint is now integrated with GBS/ShareTech, making it easy for their small bank clients to participate


  • Provides businesses with a forward-looking view of their cash flow – a PFM for small business
  • Mobile app can take photo of receipts and upload to the expense management system
  • System also quickly pulls bills into the receivables system so they can be factored into the cash flow projection and run through the approval process
  • Also supports automated invoicing and factors receivables into the cash flow projection
  • Integrated with QuickBooks and FreshBooks, with more partners to come


  • Mobile financial service for people without bank accounts
  • Plastyc’s iBankUp service tries to deliver a bank-like experience to prepaid cardholders
  • Mobile app runs on browser because most of these customers don’t have smartphones
  • Lots of easy links to find key information (routing and transit number for direct deposit)
  • Gives the user check-writing capabilities, right from the mobile device
  • Can do mobile top-up within the mobile session

FIS Wealthcare:

  • Lots of complexity in merging healthcare and financial services
  • FIS portal can be rebranded by a bank
  • Portal includes instructional videos that explain how tax-advantaged healthcare accounts work and for whom they are appropriate
  • Content is also provided for employers that may be providing these accounts
  • Can also configure a Personal Health Record by pulling in data from other sources
  • All portal functionality will also be available on a mobile app called “Pocket Benefits”


  • 200 bank customers and 1 MM users on their mobile banking apps
  • Now introducing remote deposit capture by mobile phone
  • Have also mobilized the Starbucks gift card into a 2D barcode (I’ve done this — it’s very cool. Try it in a Starbucks store in a Target store near you!)
  • Can also send a virtual gift card to another cell phone (delivered through a text message that opens a card image with one-time card number)

Thanks for hanging in.  I’ll be back with a report on the Best in Show winners and some synthesis of what we heard the past two days.

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