FinovateFall 2010: Day 2 / Session 2

by Bryan Derman on October 5, 2010

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Glenbrook’s Bryan Derman is live blogging from FinovateFall 2010. This is one of several posts; you can find an index to his coverage here.

Seeking Alpha:

  • Site has 3.5 MM unique monthly visitors — investors, bankers, high net worth individuals — accessing the filtered content on investments
  • Now adding investment tools to the content — the Seeking Alpha Application Platform
  • Includes rating, research, charting, screening, and other tools (Morningstar, Zachs, etc.)
  • Can acquire apps on the platform and then use them in context-specific ways (e.g., to analyze a particular stock)
  • Apps on the platform can also share information (e.g., aggregating positions from multiple brokerage accounts)
  • App devevlopers are offered the typical 70% revenue share


  • Expanding their P2P payment service (“ZashPay”) to small businesses
  • Can be used to render invoices and collect payments
  • Small businesses can create invoices on their online banking site and send it via email to customers as a PDF
  • Using the eBills technology (NACHA product), the customer will find that they enroll to receive the invoice through their online banking site, and that it can be paid electronically (without it resulting in a paper check being cut in the background)
  • Future bills will be rendered through the bank website rather than email
  • The small business can also direct customers to a biller direct site to pay


  • Payment network for teens and other households that do not have credit and debit cards
  • Payees can be merchants, money transfer services, service providers, ticket sellers, etc. — anyone who takes cash
  • Can be used as a checkout option online and then paid via cash at a retail location like a 7-11, using a transaction that looks very much like a mobile top-up or prepaid card load
  • Seller can provide a barcoded receipt that facilitates posting of payment; can also be done with a token card and mobile phone
  • They have a real-time link to the cash-accepting network that lets them immediately notify the merchant that it can ship or release the service (e.g., activate ticket)
  • There is no charge to the consumer when paying at the retail location

  • Online accounting system for the self-employed
  • Aggregates bank/credit card information; adds accounting information to develop a simple cash flow projection
  • Integrates with invoice providers to keep track of receivables
  • Provides prompts to ensure that deductible expenses are captured
  • Assists in calculating quarterly estimated tax payments, filing 1099 for contractors
  • Partnering with H&R Block to provide tax expertise and more automated filing of taxes


  • Visual approach to investing with unique GUI for manipulating financial information
  • Provides analytical tools that will support all the stocks that a user has selected (placed in his “playground”)
  • Partnered with TD Ameritrade to facilitate trade execution
  • Portfolios can be shared with contacts within Kapitall


  • Provides actionable email marketing for banks
  • ActiveMail product includes action tabs that can be included with various alerts (e.g., add a “Buy CD” option to a deposit alert email)
  • Offer a transfer option or loan application with an NSF alert
  • ActivePath provides the security for sending and receiving the email, and for transacting within it
  • Statements and invoices can be sent with ActiveMail and can include a payment option within that same email


  • Trying to address the problem that financial products are too numerous and too complex for most consumers to understand — they need guided selling
  • Static product comparisons online tend to be dull and intimidating
  • Guided selling tracks progress against goals and serves relevant educational content, including questions designed to narrow down the product selection
  • Develops an action plan based on goals and criteria
  • Integrated with oFlows (see yesterday’s presentations) to move to secure execution of the suggested sales

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