Admiring Great Execution in Payments Technology

by Scott Loftesness on September 16, 2010

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Scott Loftesness - Glenbrook Partners

You have to admire great execution when you see it – and this morning Jeff Mullen and Philip Yen from Dynamics stopped by our offices to say hello and share some of their excitement at the reactions they’ve been getting to their new “ultra smart” payment cards – they’ve coined (!) them Card 2.0.

We’ve known Philip for years – dating back to our careers at IBM and as colleagues working together later at Visa. We first met Jeff a couple of years ago when he – a patent attorney by background – showed up for one of our public Payments Boot Camps.

Since that time, Jeff, Philip and their team have been hard at working perfecting the idea of these new, sophisticated payment cards – capable to doing a series of new things that the long standing generations of mag stripe, EMV and contactless cards can’t do – and doing it without needing to upgrade the whole POS acceptance infrastructure. A year ago, they closed a $5.9 million Series A financing led by Adams Capital Management.

Yesterday, they won the People’s Choice Award at DEMO along with one of the five DEMOgod awards handed out. The smiles on their faces this morning said it all:

Dynamics, Inc. - Jeff Mullen and Philip Yen

You can watch a video of their presentation at DEMO below.

Jeff and Philip told us to expect more big news about some very innovation applications of their Card 2.0 technologies to be announced by payments industry stakeholders by the end of the year. We can’t wait to see what’s coming!

(Jeff, by the way, carries one of the “fattest” wallets I’ve ever seen – stuffed to the gills with stuff. No wonder he’s been looking for a smarter card solution!)

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