August 2010

Yesterday Consult Hyperion’s Dave Birch paid a visit to Glenbrook World HQ here in Menlo Park. We talked payments, consulting, emerging markets, and blogging. But the highlight was our test of his UK issued contactless payment sticker at the 7-Eleven next to our office. It worked! You have to be a hardcore contactless geek to understand […]

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As you may have seen on PaymentsNews, MasterCard announced the acquisition of DataCash, a pan-European (and a bit beyond) gateway, this morning for $520 million. Before I jump in, you might want to take a look at the earlier opinion piece I posted regarding Visa’s $2 billion acquisition of CyberSource, since the rationale for MasterCard’s […]


One of the more interesting elements added late in the game to the Durbin amendment was the language added around card-related fraud costs. This has led to much speculation about what this might mean for various anti-fraud technologies (e.g., EMV in the US, a mandate for 3-D Secure for online ecommerce, etc.) as the Fed […]


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