Foursquare’s Location-Awareness and Loyalty at POS

by Scott Loftesness on July 7, 2010

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In a most interesting blog post by Foursquare today, the company’s biz dev team talks about how the location-based app plans to evolve its platform by integrating with “thousands of merchants”.

As MG Siegler writing on TechCrunch noted, down near the end of the blog post under Redemptions is further discussion about how this mobile location-based platform might evolve to make the user experience easier in terms of redeeming offers by Foursquare users. It seems to allude to yet another bar code to POS application on the horizon.

As technology advances and Point of Sale systems get smarter, this responsibility can move from humans to barcode scans, loyalty card integrations and other means, thus reducing the potential friction.

What do you think? Do you use Foursquare and enjoy collecting badges, etc. as you check-in at various locations? Would you participate in loyalty offers from merchants – and want to redeem them quickly at POS?

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  1. Hmm. Dennis Crowley is an investor in Square, and Jack Dorsey is an investor in Foursquare…ultimately, they are a threat to the credit card companies because this smartphone software is pulled out as you walk into the store, not as you are walking out. If Foursquare/Square (gee, wonder what the merged company will be called?) is in charge of the customer flow during the in-store experience, they have effectively intermediated the credit card companies and exert massive pressure…that’s the end game here, and what the post points to.

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