Glenbrook in Haiti!

by Allen Weinberg on April 16, 2010

in Glenbrook Payments Education, Haiti

Allen Weinberg - Glenbrook Partners

One of my partners, Bryan Derman, and I are in Haiti for a few days kicking off a project where we’ll be part of a team with RTX Technology Partners designing a “from the ground up” electronic payments system for the Republic of Haiti.

Our team began competing for the project over eight months ago, well before the January 12 earthquake and devastation. While we were awarded the project before the earthquake hit, the need for a modern, efficient system is greater than ever for interbank, B2C, ATM, and other payments. Glenbrook will be deeply involved in the product, technology, and business model strategy.

Tomorrow, Bryan and I will be leading a specialized Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp for 50+ representatives of the Haitian banking sector, led by the Haitian central bank (the project sponsor). We’re really looking forward to the session and kicking off this incredibly exciting project!

I’ve included a few of the many, many heartbreaking scenes of destruction we saw during our first day here. What was harder to capture were the vast expanses of tent “cities” and the impact the deaths of 200,000+ people had on so many other lives here.

Some of our project team members from RTX.

4 Responses to “Glenbrook in Haiti!”

  1. denis says:

    Great initiative, I hope mobile money will be part of it.

  2. Tracy says:

    Wow, great for you and Glenbrook and hope you are able to make much progress.

  3. Mike M. says:

    Excellent work guys. I am pulling for you and the team there.

  4. Rene M says:

    Bravo and hats off to you in your endeavor. What an awesome opportunity you have to make a phenomenal difference in Haiti, in the region and ultimately in the world. Please take notes of How To do this and then write the book. Having participated in more than one of Glenbrook’s bootcamps, I have every expectation of your success. Best wishes. I look forward to reading about your efforts in the WSJ and New York Times.

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