Are You an Incumbent – or an Innovator?

by Scott Loftesness on April 6, 2010

in Innovation

Scott Loftesness - Glenbrook Partners

Kevin Kelly recently wrote about this quote by Clay Shirky:

“Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.”

Think about what you’re doing when you show up each morning. Are you preserving/protecting – or innovating?

If you’re preserving/protecting – I wish you well. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!

But, if you’re innovating – or wanting to do so – give me a call at +1 (650) 469 3421 or, better yet, drop me an email! I’d love to talk to you.

Our best work at Glenbrook is done with the real innovators! We love you guys/gals!

4 Responses to “Are You an Incumbent – or an Innovator?”

  1. FredericBaud says:

    Hi Scott,

    Can you share a little more? I suppose you’re looking for innovators in the payments arena, anything specific? Are you thinking of reviews or something else?

    For all the innovators and disruptors living in the Bay Area, coming from a startup or an incumbent, I’d like to point to BarCampBankSF3 happening on May 8/9 as a unique opportunity to share innovative ideas applied to the banking and finance world in an open environment (this is what I call true open innovation).

  2. Frederic, thanks for your comment – and for highlighting the upcoming BarCampBankSF3!

    I enjoyed participating with you in the first BarCampBankSF in Berkeley a couple of years ago and my partner Erin has attended both of the local sessions!


    As for me, I very much enjoy meeting/talking to innovators, learning from them, and helping them where I can.

  3. Frank McBride says:

    Thanks for the open invitation.

    I am currently working on two projects–with a third one routinely interrupting my work in order to make the list.

    The first is an incumbent killer which redirects consumers by tapping into one of the few primary behavioral patterns that encourage “change”.

    The second is an online content monitization project I’m doing in conjunction with a major industry player.

    The last one I feel is a truly necessary concept but will require more time to add more structure to.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

    What a great concept… and thanks again to you and Frederick for the BarCampBankSF3 information.

  4. Paul Steger says:

    Hi Scott – true innovators are the folks who take action and more importantly execute on their idea(s). Over my years in the corporate world, I heard more than once, “oh, I had that idea” or “I thought of that”, but the person took no action. If they really did have the idea, then why did they not take action on the idea? True innovators don’t have any excuses they just implement.
    So, the first step in inovation is to take the idea, create an action plan, but most importantly execute on the plan. However, no amount of action will lead to the introduction or successful implementation of the inovation. Time and time again, poor plan excution leads the idea to die a slow death, even though the idea was a great one and the plan also seemed great. Inntovators are the ones who are execute not just take action or plan.

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