February 2010

Glenbrook’s Jacqueline Chilton is in Salt Lake City for the Smart Card Alliance 2010 Payments Summit. If you have been fortunate enough to travel internationally lately, you will have noticed the efficient use of payments in many city transit systems.  From the Oyster Card in London to the Octopus card in Hong Kong and many […]


Glenbrook’s Bryan Derman is in Las Vegas for the 2010 Prepaid Expo. Clearly, you know that an industry has “arrived” when it is able to attract (and afford!) a former U.S. President to speak at its annual convention. Well, any lingering doubts about the importance and sustainability of the prepaid card industry were probably addressed […]


When it comes to mobile payments in the U.S. market, there’s a lot of talk and action around P2P and remote purchasing (bill to carrier models, etc.).  But the biggest potential is our huge POS (point of sale) market.  This market today is arguably the best-served payments market in the world, with extensive merchant terminalization […]


Last week’s announcement by TSYS of its new hybrid card marks the latest application of the decoupled debit technology first made popular by Capital One in 2007 (though arguably pioneered by PayPal some years before in an online, non-card form). In fact, depending on how it is ultimately deployed, the TSYS product could provide a […]


Written by Jacqueline Chilton based on a speeches and panel discussion at ATPS 2009 – Airline and Travel Payments Summit (Link to presentations) – Save the date for ATPS 2010 in San Francisco, Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2010 Localization is one of the key trends influencing the future of payments. At Glenbrook we believe […]


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