Remote Deposit Capture and the Electronic Draft Capture POS Terminal

by Scott Loftesness on August 8, 2009

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Scott Loftesness

Over on the Credit Slips blog, Adam Levitin writes about the implications of remote deposit capture for the banking industry.

I see a parallel between what’s happening with RDC and what happened 20+ years ago in the credit card business with the deployment of electronic draft capture POS terminals. What was essentially a paper-based local business was transformed into a business with no local support requirements – enabling national scale players to emerge and compete effectively for that business. As a result, most local banks exited the credit card merchant acquiring business and it became the province of a handful of large, national merchant acquirers.

Of course, reality is never so simple – but sometimes the key drivers are. See more of my comments here in response to Adam’s post.

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  1. Scott, that post on the Credit Slips blog is infected.
    John MacAllister

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