August 2009

At Glenbrook we believe that social eCommerce and virtual currencies are the new frontier of payments. Person-to-person transfers, charity donations, and micropayments for virtual goods (e.g. games, music, e-books, etc.) are exploding within social networks and as the 800-pound-gorilla in the social networking space, all eyes are on Facebook. Estimates vary, but $300-500 million in […]


In just 30 days, on September 18th, the new International ACH format – IAT – and accompanying NACHA rule changes go into effect. This is the most significant change to the ACH network in decades, affecting corporate payment initiators, financial institutions of all sizes, financial software companies, and payment service providers. The new rules have […]


On the heels of our own Payments Views post The End of Cards as We Knew Them? have come interesting comments on the acceptance challenges facing US consumers using magnetic stripe cards overseas.


If there is a silver lining to the credit crisis and resulting economic woes, it is renewed energy in the supplier financing space. As a B2B e-payment evangelizer, I’ve long considered dynamic supplier financing a potential “killer app” to drive broad adoption of electronic invoicing and B2B e-payment. Supply chain financing is not a new […]


This montage of bank TV ads chronicles the shift from old white men in ties, speaking directly to the camera, oozing old-world respectability in an effort to earn your trust – with a sprinkling of the old-west featuring the Wells Fargo stage coach – to ethereal, global images emphasizing the vast reach and interconnectedness of […]


Over on the Credit Slips blog, Adam Levitin writes about the implications of remote deposit capture for the banking industry. I see a parallel between what’s happening with RDC and what happened 20+ years ago in the credit card business with the deployment of electronic draft capture POS terminals. What was essentially a paper-based local […]

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A new report from Forrester underscores a theme that my partner Carol Coye Benson and I have been championing for months now. Widespread adoption of B2B electronic payments is dependent upon an open directory that allows business buyers that want to pay electronically find out which of their myriad of suppliers accept electronic payment and […]


Editors Note: Glenbrook, along with the rest of the payments industry, has been watching developments in mobile payments closely.  This is one of a series of posts by our partner Carol Coye Benson. Thus far she has profiled Boku, CashEdge products, Canada’s Zoompass, Zong, Billing Revolution, and Blaze Mobile. Today she takes a look at […]


GTNews – the go to source for global treasury news – is soliciting questions about SWIFT connectivity for Corporates. If you’ve been meaning to learn more, go to the GTNews home page and navigate to the blue box on the bottom right.


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