Glenbrook Web 2.0 Survey Results

by Erin McCune on March 24, 2009

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We’ve tabulated the results of last week’s Web 2.0 survey – if you haven’t taken it, don’t worry you still can; we re-opened the survey and the link is here. (We’ll update our results in another week or so, once a sizeable number of new responses are in.)


The Glenbrook community embraces Web 2.0. You are daily users of professional tools such as work-related blogs and LinkedIn. And many of you are interested in expanding your use of the social web tools, particularly Twitter, and want to try writing your own professional (as opposed to personal) blog.

Detailed Results

You are savvy social media users

Not surprisingly, the Glenbrook community is well versed in Web 2.0 (you’re reading this blog, aren’t you?).

Reading blogs related to your job, utilizing an RSS reader, and instant messaging are the most popular activities in the Glenbrook community when considering daily usage. Sixty-five percent of you read professional blogs daily, and another 15% read them weekly. Almost half of you use Google Reader or a similar RSS aggregating tool daily. Half of you instant message daily, but we didn’t inquire whether you were messaging your colleagues or your friends, or both. (Here at Glenbrook we use instant messaging extensively since we are spread around the country – two months ago when I joined Glenbrook I grudgingly logged into IM, but have to admit, now I’m hooked.)

Watching videos on YouTube is one Web 2,0 activity that nearly every one of you (93%)has tried.  But most of you only watch them weekly (46%) or monthly (28%). Eighty-nine percent of you have a LinkedIn profile – 37% use it daily and 25% use it weekly.

Three quarters of you also read blogs related to your personal interests and two-thirds of you have a Facebook profile (36% use Facebook daily, another 20% use Facebook weekly).

Most Popular

You are not interested in Second Life and MySpace

The Glenbrook community has not embraced all of Web 2.0 – there are many things you aren’t even interested in trying.

Nine percent of you tried Second Life, but didn’t like it. Another 67% of you haven’t tried it and are not likely to. A few more of you (17%) tried MySpace and 56% of you haven’t tried it and aren’t going to.

A number of you have tried Skype (14%), social bookmarking, e.g. Delicious (15%), and writing a personal blog (8%) but those services didn’t suit you.

Least Popular

You are curious about Twitter and interested in your own professional blog

Almost 40% of you are interested in trying Twitter. We encourage you to try – before doing so, you might want to check out these Twitter related posts on Payments News.

A sizeable number of you (38%) are interested in starting your own professional blog. We look forward to reading what you have to say! In the meantime, we are happy to share our blogging objectives and methodology. To learn more about our strategy for this blog (and how we distinguish it from our companion blog, Payments News) visit this page. To learn about the mechanics of producing this blog, see this post (regularly updated as we continue to tweak and enhance).

Nearly as many people (32%) are intrigued by FriendFeed. We suspect that if you tried FriendFeed you might like it – Scott Loftesness is a big fan. (And if they ever develop an interface to load RSS feeds in bulk, they’d convert me as well.)

Want to Try

About you

The majority of survey respondents are consultants. I’m not sure if that is because I nagged my colleagues to complete the survey or whether consultants, by their nature, are eager to share their experiences. Thirty percent of the respondents work at technology companies, fifteen percent are bankers, and nearly eleven percent work for payment networks.


Methodology: We asked two questions via and collected 110 responses between March 14th and 23rd.

Follow this link to answer the survey if you have not already done so.

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  1. Marshall says:

    These results provide a fantastic insight to the Payments community! I would say that the responses indicate an increased yearning to participate in web 2.0 activities and therefore breaking out of the lurking/watching mode that many do.

    The bigger question is, what will be the driving factor (or set of factors) to get you to setup accounts and/or “just do it” in getting involved with the identified social networking and social media as mentioned in the survey?

    While there is a lot of information that Company X or Company Y is doing something with Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, would more people like to see (or perhaps people know where I can find) case studies about a Payments related company using social media and social networking to a benefit?

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