Mobile Technology Jargon Trivia

by Carol Coye Benson on February 12, 2009

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Carol Coye Benson

I count five references guaranteed to mystify most people:

“the solution also meets the new GSM Association “Pay-Buy-Mobile” mobile handset requirements based on the Single Wire Protocol (SWP). The new Inside MicroRead® NFC chip, combined with the Gemalto latest UpTeq 300 m-NFC SIM card embarking a Common Criteria EAL4+ security certified chip, gives handset makers and mobile operators the first fully compliant, interoperable, full-speed SWP solution – tested at 1.6 Mbps – to support proximity payments, transport and ticketing.” (source)

Of course, as certified payments experts, we all understand this…

(But if you find yourself payments-jargon challenged, check out the Glenbrook Payments Glossary.)

2 Responses to “Mobile Technology Jargon Trivia”

  1. Dave Birch says:

    I spotted the deliberate mistake: the chip is EAL4 high but when you load the software it drops to EAL4.

    By the way, great new blog guys.

  2. Chris Gulker says:

    I see another minefield we the uninitiated, will have to traverse…

    Very nice, clean look to the new blog, Scott, kudos…

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