Experience with Intacct or NetSuite?

by Erin McCune on January 12, 2009

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Please support my efforts to reference check SaaS ERP vendors Intacct and NetSuite on behalf of a Web 2.0 client. Do you have any success stories? Horror stories? Particularly interested in feedback on ease of integration/APIs and customer support.

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  1. What kind of “horror stories” do you expect?

  2. Customer support is a very wide term. Maybe you can call more exact type of customer support?

  3. Maybe it would be usefull to search such info on official forums ?

  4. john simpson says:

    I wouldn’t be betting my financials on a company with less than $20 million in rev and losing money in this environment. NS obviously the far safer choice…thousands of apparently satisfied customers, public on NYSE, $100 million + in the bank.

  5. Billy Self says:

    No horror stories to speak of…plenty of company saving moments. the NS application has been a large part of our business plans. two thumbs up from this guy…
    -user/customer since ’02.

  6. Everette says:

    We have been a NetSuite user for almost six years. We started when they were much smaller and not as well known. Regarding financial strength, it made a big difference that Larry Ellison was a major investor, as he is not the type who puts energy into something unless he will win. Regarding product, NetSuite has been very useful to our business – not only does it handle finances, but it improves our ability to coordinate with customers. We can link emails and communications to transactions, so I can talk with a customer about a purchase order or invoice and log the call or meeting or even follow pu with an email, which has automatic links to the specific purchase order or invoice and links to the contact and the customer. If someone in accounting is talking with the customer, they can see my comments and notes. Although emails can be linked to transactions, you can still use Outlook and replies to emails generated through NetSuite come to both your Outlook and NetSuite locations. NetSuite is also remarkably easy to add fields and adapt to your specific needs, you do not need an IT staff, just experience with Excel and some experience with databases like DBase – it is very intuitive, yet there is enough power for people way beyong my skills to do really neat things.
    In addition to accounting and helping communicate with customers, the integrated sales and marketing features allow you to start your relationship management with leads. Quotes made from Opportunity management can be transitioned to Sales Orders with a simple click.
    We use the Special Orders and Drop Ship features a great deal – these allow for linked relationships between Sales Orders from your customers and Purchase Orders to your suppliers.
    We also use Customer Support tools for post sales support. If a customer has a complaint or issue, it is logged in this part of NetSuite, which sends the customer a link, so they can add comments and see progress towards the resolution of their issue. Although software firms use this for tracking bugs and enhancements, we use this tool to management of product and order conformance and customer satisfaction.
    In the past, I had experience with SAP and AS-400. Although we “owned” those systems, there were no upgrade paths and they threatened to stop support unless you upgraded – which in the end is like a subscription model like SAAS. You do not get much more control over your data by owning a server for your ERP, but you do increase your costs.
    Well, that has been our experience. We have grown a great deal over six years and NetSuite has been adding new features each year. Each year, their upgrades have been painless, even with major updates and whole new feature sets.
    NetSuite is worthy of serious consideration for your ERP/CRM and related needs.

  7. Billy Self, thank you for comment! Amazing info.

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