Will the Recession Favor Net Geners or their Older Bosses?

by Erin McCune on December 31, 2008

in Current Events, Technology, Web 2.0 in Financial Services, Workplace Flexibility

The Economist considers whether today's economic uncertainty will shift the fragile balance of power between old-school managers and their computer-savvy, collaborative, confident (some say overly entitled), Net Generation employees.

Net Geners will certainly have to temper some of their expectations and take the world as it is, not as they would like it to be. But their older bosses should also be prepared to make concessions. The economy will eventually recover—and demographic trends in most rich countries will make clever young workers even more valuable. Besides, many of the things that keep Net Geners happy—such as providing more coaching to young employees or embracing cheaper online ways to communicate—are worth doing anyway.

Recession or not, demographics mean that the old-school was are just that.. Old school.

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