Mobile Banking 101

by Erin McCune on November 25, 2008

in Banking, Mobile Banking & Payments, Technology

[via PaymentsNews]

The website howstuffworks (from the folks at the Discovery Channel) has a primer on mobile banking – it's geared toward consumers but it's interesting for us industry insiders to see how they characterize the service offerings and technology.

The article is divided into 6 chapters

  1. Introduction to How Mobile Banking Works (conceptual intro)
  2. Mobile Banking Background (history, pull vs. push transactions)
  3. Basic Mobile Banking Technologies (IVR, SMS)
  4. Advanced Mobile Banking Technologies (WAP, Applications)
  5. Current Mobile Banking Providers (Citi and BofA)
  6. Lots More Information (links to related howstuffworks content as well as a bibliography of sources used to write the article)

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