What will it take for businesses to succeed in the future? Will yours be one of the winners?

by Erin McCune on November 24, 2008

in Strategy, Technology

Over at Information Arbitrage Roger Ehrenberg has just posted on the business dynamics of companies that will be the winners in the future.

The winners of tomorrow will necessarily look different. Businesses that are not yet commoditized and, therefore, have high margins. Companies that heavily leverage technology and don't require as much infrastructure as leaders of the prior century. Lower asset levels result in less leverage, making businesses less vulnerable to business cycles and liquidity shortages.

Read more here. And if you haven't been following Roger's commentary on the credit crisis, take a look.

Your company's future success is riding on smart decisions today. How are you allocating your precious resources? How do you plan to leverage technology? Do your employees have the right skills? What can you do now – during the economic downturn – to lay the foundation for your future?

If you are a senior leader and you aren't asking yourself these questions, you should be. And if the management of your company isn't thinking along these lines you may not have a job in the future. Start evaluating the competition and identify prospective employers who are thinking ahead.

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