Social Networking & Banking at NEACH on Monday – Great Event

by Erin McCune on November 5, 2008

in Conferences & Meetings, Web 2.0 in Financial Services

I had an enthusiastic audience at NEACH outside Boston on Monday – everyone was eager to learn more about social networking, web 2.0 and how their bank and credit union can get involved. I was apprehensive at first, becuase the credit union and small/mid-sized bank audience had limited exposure to social media. I adapted by spending more time on WHAT it is and WHY it is important and glossed over the HOW to do it for the time being. But by the end the audience not only got it, they were converted!


Me speaking
(courtesy of Morriss Partee at

I've been invited back to focus more on the HOW (I am going to do an interactive webinar, if you are interested in participating please email me) and, in addition, a number of companies in the audience want me to come address their executive team/board. But here's the most gratifying part: the audience members have already forayed into the social web. I know  because I am getting their LinkedIn connection and Facebook friend requests. Success!

Many thanks to NEACH for inviting me. I enjoyed the conference and will be posting my notes from the other sessions I attended over the next couple days.

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