A Crash Course on the Financial Crisis (WSJ)

by Erin McCune on October 1, 2008

in Current Events, Economic Outlook

Here's a round up of WSJ articles on the financial crisis

  • A Main Street Rescue 09/29/08 — Congress passed this 'bailout' a long time ago.
  • The Washington Panic 09/27/08 — The Paulson plan is a tool to avoid a deeper downturn.
  • The Paulson Sale 09/24/08 — Taxpayers are going to put up capital one way or another.
  • A Mortgage Fable 09/22/08 — Beltway trilogy: the Fed, Fannie Mae, and Bear Stearns.
  • Stopping the Panic 09/20/08 – Now the task is to protect taxpayers and restore markets.
  • Be It Resolved 09/19/08 – Paulson and Bernanke ask Congress for a resolution agency.
  • The Fed and AIG 09/18/08 – Nationalizations aren't stopping the financial panic.
  • McCain and the Markets 09/17/08 – Denouncing 'greed' and Wall Street isn't a growth agenda.
  • The Fed's Epic Day 09/17/08 – It's only fair to praise the central bank when it does the right thing.
  • Surviving the Panic 09/16/08 – A resolution agency, steady monetary policy, and a big tax cut.
  • Wall Street Reckoning 09/15/08 – Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's refusal to blink won't get any second guessing from us.

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  1. Kelly Rusk says:

    Thanks for putting all these together!

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