Coordination and Communication in Modern, Complex, Multiunit Firms

by Erin McCune on August 3, 2008

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My work often involves bridging gaps, resolving misunderstandings, and fostering collaboration between the finance department and other parts of large, complex organizations. So I was intrigued by this recent research from HBS on " interaction patterns in modern, complex, multiunit firms."

Key findings:

  • Communication is heavily constrained by formal organizational structure: the vast majority of communication occurs within business unit and functional boundaries, not across them. This points to the importance of drawing the right organizational boundaries.
  • Women, mid- to high-level executives, and members of the executive management, sales, and marketing functions are most likely to participate in cross-group communications. These individuals provide a bridge for distant groups in a company's social structure.

Communication (and Coordination?) in a Modern, Complex Organization
Published: July 31, 2008
Paper Released: July 2008
Authors:    Adam M. Kleinbaum, Toby E. Stuart, and Michael L. Tushman

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