Companies Save Money with Incentive Based Wellness Programs

by Erin McCune on July 10, 2008

in Caught My Eye

The Wall Street Journal explores incentive based wellness programs for workers that reduce company's health care costs and foster a "more collegial environment." As it turns out, healthy workers are less grouchy.


Wesley Willows got help from Tangerine Wellness Inc., a Boston firm
that designs incentive-based weight-loss programs. The retirement
community now spends $20,000 to $30,000 a year on the program, Mr.
Pratt says, including Tangerine's fees and cash rewards for workers.
Employees earn $3 for every 1% of body weight they lose. In addition,
at the end of a quarter, each member of the winning team receives as
much as $50, and second-place-team members a little less.
Health-insurance claims at the company, meanwhile, for the 12 months
ended in August 2007 — a period that includes the first six months of
the program — dropped 19% to less than $640,000. And for the 12 months
ended in March 2008, turnover plunged 30% — a benefit Mr. Pratt
attributes to a more collegial environment.

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