PayPal is 10 Years Old (and Bigger than You Think)

by Erin McCune on June 30, 2008

in Payments News


Over at FinanSer/SWIFT Community, Chris Skinner observes PayPal's 10th birthday with a round up of stats demonstrating the remarkable growth of PayPal and shift toward metrics like active users rather than registered users as their business matures.


In their latest company presentation, published June 16th, they have these figures:

  • PayPal operates in 190 markets using 17 currencies
  • A third of people in the UK have a PayPal account
  • Over 100,000 websites accept PayPal in Europe

PayPal has more users than most payment services:

  • PayPal                         141 million
  • Chase                           115 million
  • Citi                                114 million
  • AMEX                            78 million
  • CapitalOne                   59 million
  • Discover Card            50 million

Total Payment Volume (TPV) grew by a third in 2007 to $47 billion.

Read more here.

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